International woman’s day and lemon curd cupcakes

There is a lot to be had when you spend the day off of work and off of social media. I decided to partake in the International Women’s Day by avoiding work, shopping and social media. So I filled my day with a 4 mile cross country run in the morning with my dog. Baked cupcakes to give away. Cleaned out and re-organized my fridge. (there was no where to put the cup cakes, it was a must!) Cleaned my kitchen and the floors. Cleaned my window seals watched Moana and helped Adam catch a hurt Robin bird in my back yard which resulted in both the bird screaming and then me screaming. There were no causalities (I’m talking about myself here) and the bird is in safe hands at the the Lindsay Wildlife Hospital where he can get fixed up and hopefully set free again. Let me tell you, that drive to the hospital was very nerve racking! All I could imagine was this wild bird getting out of the box it was in and hopping around my car while I’m screaming and driving on the freeway. The drive home was less stressful.

Below you can see images of my cupcakes! They are a butter sponge cake with a lemon curd filling. Raspberry cream cheese frosting and sugar flowers I molded myself!


San Francisco food photographer