The most beautiful things in life
are people, memories and pictures.
They are feelings, moments, smiles and laughter.

I am inspired by beautiful light, an abundance of flowers, pretty colors, scenic views, and contagious laughs.

My goal in wedding photography is not only to curate romantic and beautiful portraits and detail shots but to also capture the authentic moments of your event. Naturally, effortlessly and timelessly. 

Adam and I are based out of Northern Califonia. He is my high school sweetheart and our dog is our baby. We began our business in 2010 right after we were married.

In our spare time, Adam is a bookworm, a gamer and very tech savvy. I'm always listing to podcasts, baking desserts or making chocolates and lately have been obsessed with my 35mm and medium format film cameras. 

If I wasn't a photographer, I'd probably be a chocolatier or a florist.