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International woman’s day and lemon curd cupcakes

There is a lot to be had when you spend the day off of work and off of social media. I decided to partake in theView full post »

It’s valentines day!

I’ve been teaching myself how to paint lately. Spending about 30-45 minutes a night or every other nightView full post »

Painted French Macarons

Oh French Macarons, where do I start with you? Maybe in the kitchen with a paintbrush and some coffee! I have been on aView full post »

I always have the happiest brides! San Francisco City Hall

My beautiful bride blushing before she walks to San Francisco City Hall to get married!     View full post »

2017 and personal goals

2017 is about mind body and soul for me. My goals this year are (continuing) to take care of all three this year. ThisView full post »

A look at 2016 | San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photography

In 2016 was a year of many things in my life. I have experienced joy as well as sorrow. I made new friends. Read manyView full post »

San Francisco Commercial Photography

Most of the time I shoot weddings and portraits. once in a while I get hired to do commercial photography . DuringView full post »

Wilder Quarry House Wedding | San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photography

The Quarry House in Wilder Orinda is a club house based in the middle of the hills with a construction site of half andView full post »