2017 and personal goals

2017 is about mind body and soul for me. My goals this year are (continuing) to take care of all three this year. This includes in paying more attention to my future financial stability which involves in paying extra on my mortgage every month as well as investing the max amount of what both Adam and I are able to invest in our IRA’s each year. Sure it might mean less money now but later in life when I’m older I will be more financially secure. A wedding photographer doesn’t get a pension when they retire and I may not be able to work forever. Now that I’m in my 30’s it seems as though this needed some extra thought and planning for the best success possible!

Focusing on my body. I have been pretty good over the last 3 years. I’ve lost about 30lbs and am considerably stronger!  Focusing on my body from the inside out is a high priority for me. Watching the types of foods I eat. Working out whether its’s running, doing yoga or lifting weights. paying more attention to my skin. I’ve decided to spend less money on makeup and invest more in skin products. The nicer the skin the less makeup we need right?! And I love products as well as photographing them so this is kinda an added bonus for me.

My soul. I’ve decided to take more time out for myself to practice meditating and reading. I listened to a lot of audio books last year but I didn’t get to actually read as many books as I would have liked. There’s something about using your eyes to take in the story. Creating the personalities of the characters in your head all while in a really comfy area of your house. My computer desk working on photos isn’t necessarily the most comfiest area to take in a story. Saying more no’s to make room for the important yes’s.

These are some of the personal things I’ll be working on during 2017. I thought I might blog about them every once in a while too. Share the foods and the products. Maybe even some of my workouts. =) Could be fun! We can start off with some of the new products I recently got at my last trip to Sephora. Farmacy Beauty. I was browsing around the isles when the large bottle of the very well packaged Honey Potion caught my eye. It’s a warming face mask that looks like honey in a jar! It’s supposed to be super hydrating and since I have dry skin to begin with, during winter months the more hydrating the better! I wanted to try it but also wanted to try some of their other products as well so I got the gift set.  I’m super happy with the products. makes my skin feel moisturized and soft. The products are a little wax-y. when I put on the Sleep tight It felt like I was putting Vaseline on my face. Adam even mentioned that I was “shiny” when I came out from the bathroom. I was a little worried it would brake me out but it didn’t and in the morning it was all absorbed and my skin felt so nice!


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San Francisco Commercial photography



A look at 2016 | San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photography

In 2016 was a year of many things in my life. I have experienced joy as well as sorrow. I made new friends. Read many books as well as listened to many podcasts.  My love for decorating sugar cookies has increased and I found a new love with expressing a creative outlet with making other forms of pretty and tasty desserts.  I’ve added video making and editing to in my list of hobbies. I leveled up in snowboarding. I spent more time with my mom. I have continued to put health and fitness as a priority in my life and as a result am stronger than I have ever been. 2016 marked 15 years being being with Adam.

2016 also had a great impact on my business. It’s my second year full time and nothing short of wonderful. I shot weddings in so many locations. From privet estates to mansions, country clubs, back yards, gardens, city halls, hotels and wineries . I have been honored to document so many unique and diverse lives. Capturing the moments that fly by so fast. All the laughs and tears and heartfelt occasions. Below is just a glimpse at some of the amazing lives I was honored to meet and be a part of.









San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photography

San Francisco Commercial Photography

Most of the time I shoot weddings and portraits. once in a while I get hired to do commercial photography . During these shoots I get to stylize and take photos of their products for their sites or their catalogs. Still life photography has always been one of my favorite types of photography. It reminds me the mornings of wedding days when I get to start with doing the details in the bridal suite. Not to mention I get to often go home with amazing products to use and share with friends.


These shots are for Jane Inc’s new catalog. She wanted  colorful, happy and Spring inspired.  I think we accomplished that goal! Her products smell amazing too by the way! each one is made with all natural ingredients here in the Bay Area. You can find her products in stores like Anthropology, Urban Outfitters and  even see them on the Today show!


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San Francisco Commercial Photography

Wilder Quarry House Wedding | San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photography

The Quarry House in Wilder Orinda is a club house based in the middle of the hills with a construction site of half and soon to be built homes surrounding it. When I met with my couple they had mentioned it’s not the typical or traditional type of venue and they were in fact almost test subjects for the venue to see how a wedding would roll out there. Because of the construction my bride was a little worried about portrait time and where we would shoot. It’s my job as a photographer to make any location I arrive at look amazing. Construction or not the light, love,tears and joy we had that day made anything and everything else fade away. I was able to shoot shallow and narrow to avoid most of the background and get only what I wanted and what my bride would want to see in her photos. I’m excited to share just a few teasers of her wedding. Her wedding was perfect!

Wilder Quarry House Wedding