booth FAQ

Q: What is your booth like?

A: The booth is an open air booth. It’s about 6 feet tall and 2 feet wide. It’s a stand alone booth that does not have an enclosure so it makes it easy for lots of people to be in the photo at once.

Q: What type of events are best for a photo booth

A: All events. Any event where people want to have some fun!

Q: Can I upload my photo to my fave social media site on the spot?

A: That’s one awesome feature and yes you can! Check out the add-on’s!

Q: How much space does it need?

A: Preferably a space up to 10×10 but we can go as small as 8 feet deep 6 feet wide. The bigger the space the more people we can fit in the photo and the more props we can bring.

Q: Will there be props with the booth?

A: Yes! We have dope props! From funky glasses and horse heads to the traditional mustache on a stick and we bring all of it if there is enough room.

Q: Can I get a custom footer at the bottom of my the images with my name or the event title on it?

A: You can get whatever title you want in the footer below the images.

Q: Who takes the picture?

A: We have an assistant with the booth rental that will be present the entire time the booth will be at the event. They set up, help encourage fun behavior during the photos and break down the booth at the end.

Q: Are the photos given right away?

A: Yes! After the photo is taken it takes about 15 seconds for the photo to print and then handed over.

Q: What type of photo sizes can we get?

A: You have the option for a single 4×6 per picture or a double 2×6.

Q: My guest got a really cool photo and loves it! Can they buy a bigger size for their wall after the event?

A: Absolutely! All the photos will be uploaded to a gallery so bigger prints of the photo can be purchased.

Q: How many hours can you be at my event?

A: We start at 3 hours and can be there for as long as needed.

Q: The idle time cost is $45.00. What qualifies as idle time?

A: Idle time is when the booth is set up for use but not being used. For instance, at weddings if you want the booth to be in use during the reception but dinner is in the same room as the reception and you don’t want the booth being set up while everyone is eating, the attendance would then have to show up during cock-tale hour to be done setting up by dinner. The dinner hour would then be considered idle time.

Q: Can I get a flash drive of all the photos as well?

A: A flash drive of all the photos is given to the person who books the booth at the end of the event.

Q: You guys are so cool, how do I book your photbooth for my event?

A: Oh stop it, you’re making us blush! Just give us an email at with the details of your event, including location and times, how long you want and any questions you have and we will be happy to give you all the info you need for booking.