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A valentines love note from your San Francisco Photographer

This is our 16th Valentine’s together! In 4 short years, we will have been together for 20 years. That makes me sound old! He’s my HS sweetheart so that will take a little off my age. Regardless, I am embracing and taking in every moment and every year I get to spend with this man. Over the last 16 years we have grown so much from who we were when we met. Not just grown as individuals but WITH each other.

I could have posted a perfect photo of us, but I love this photo. It tells more of who we are. We are not perfect. We are mixed with failures, triumphs and humor. We are adventurous and lazy. We are foodies who enjoy fitness. But most of all, we are WE. Together we have built a home, a family and careers.

I never know what tomorrow will bring. In the past, we have had tomorrow’s that brought heartache, stress and worries. We have had tomorrow’s that have brought laughter, excitement and accomplishment. What I do know, is that we get to spend our tomorrows together. From taking unsuccessful selfies to traveling the world. From booking work to worrying about if we will have enough work to pay our bills. Every road, every up and down, we get to spend it together.

Thank you to our family and friends who have supported us and our love the last 16 years. We have grown into better humans because of each other and we have grown into better humans because of you.

San Francisco wedding photographers

A valentines love note from your San Francisco Photographer


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How to begin your blog and what audio book has been helpful as of late.

How to start your blog. Nicole Blumberg Photography


When I sit and think about how to start a blog for too long, I start to become overwhelmed and over think everything. Even after being in the wedding industry for 6 years now, I still consider myself a newbie to the blogging world. You know, that giant universe of women and men who write fascinating blogs about makeup, clothes, entrepreneurship and blogging itself. The blogging about blogging have been the blogs I have been reading the most about lately. Whoa.. Should we play a game of how many times one can say blog in a sentence?

Well, there we have it. I broke the ice and started my blog.  Figuring out ways on how to begin your blog are not that hard. When it’s your blog, you have the ability to start it any way you want. I will have a few different types of blogs coming in the near future. Articles ranging from wedding guides, entrepreneurship geared towards my boss ladies as well as some that may be merely journal status. It’s my hope that I will begin to blog at least once a week or so. Which is WAY more often than I’m doing now. The Thesaurus is about to become my new best friend. When I was a child I used to love to write. I would write little books all of the time. My mom thought I would be a writer, among the other things I wanted to be such as a veterinarian and a DNA specialist. I was an interesting kid. My 5th grade teacher said once that she thought I would be a hair stylist when I grew up. Yea, me … the kid who won the award for the worst dressed during spirit week because I had on the “ugliest pair of pants that she had ever seen” I like to say my style was eccentric when I was younger. I was definitely not afraid to take risks. I mean I did have GREEN hair once. I did however, stay in the creative side of things, so they had that going for their guesses.

If you happen to be like me, you enjoy diving right into the good stuff. We don’t wait around, we get into! Like talking about pretty awesome things such as the colors Pink, White, Grey and Yellow. If you look up white on google it states that ” White is an achromatic color, A color without a hue that is a mixture of the frequencies of all the colors of the visible spectrum. It is one of the most common colors in nature, the color of sunlight, snow, milk, chalk, limestone and other common minerals”. So technically, I CAN say that White is one of my favorite colors. With those colors so became the colors of my brand. I sometimes use gold in place of yellow because it’s pretty too.


How to start your blog Nicole Blumberg Photography

While I read books I tend to find myself wanting to munch. Munching however is off of my itinerary right now as I have been trying to watch my macros. Well, except for last week. Last week I ate way too many Macarons. Besides Chocolate chip, Macarons are my favorite cookies. They are so incredibly cute and they are French! I’m obsessed with all things french. Once I grew out of my awkward child phase, I grew into the teenager phase. I took French in high school as my second language. It was my goal to move to France and become an interior decorator. Needless to say I forgot to move and my French speaking skills never evolved passed the second semester. Regardless, I still listen to french music and decorate my own home with a french country theme. My living area has  more neutral  colors going on. Mostly white and grey. But I LOVE color and have these two amazing yellow french cut chairs that I’ve been dying to pair up with this amazing couch and rug I found on One Kings Lane.  That couch is so adorable to me and SO above my budget. I’ll need to keep an eye out for a something similar as well as what room to make my color room. Still have love for the interior decorating. It drives my husband crazy because I constantly want new furniture! colorful roomDo you ever feel like you work so much that you do not have time to read? OR you feel guilty when you take a moment out to read because of all the work you know you have to do? I do all of the time! It’s really unfortunate to feel this way because reading is so good for you! So to make myself feel better about it, in evenings I read books and blogs that have to do with business, self help, neuroscience and physiology. Heavy stuff! You wont find your typical romance novel in my house.  Most of it is all related to business and running a successful business. During the day while I’m editing I tend to listen to audio books and podcasts.  Right now I’ve been listening to an audio book called Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport. He talks about the importance of cutting yourself off from the what we consider the world, ie: Social media and other distractions to focus solely on what you should be working on. In today’s world, that happens to be a skill one has to learn. We are consonantly checking our status likes, immediately reading and responding to new emails, aimlessly browsing Facebook or Instagram all of which is taking away from the work that we should be doing or could have finished. Everything has a time and place and when you put that into action you will notice that you actually do get more done in an efficient matter. I’ve been taking it in and putting it’s words to good use. I have noticed that my time spent aimlessly scrolling my facebook feed has been cut down.  If you find that you have a hard time concentrating on actually getting your work done and doing it without distractions, I suggest giving this book a run through.



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From our house to yours, We wish you a wonderful Christmas.

It’s that time of the year again!! The stockings are hung and our cups are filled with hot coco or champagne, or hot apple cider… How about all three =) We want to wish you a very merry Christmas from our house to yours.

2015 xmas2 (19 of 19)2015 xmas (5 of 19)2015 xmas (8 of 19)2015 xmas (16 of 19)2015 xmas (6 of 19)2015 xmas (12 of 19)2015 xmas (15 of 19)2015 xmas2 (3 of 19)2015 xmas (7 of 19)2015 xmas (9 of 19)2015 xmas (19 of 19)

Mimosas, cooking and good friends.

Fall. The colors, the smells, the food and the time you spend with your favorite people. That’s what fall is to me. Over the last few years I have become very interested in health and taking care of mine. Which consists of working out every day. Before I ever start any work I take every morning for me. Well first Sadie gets to play then I get to work out. I also began to eat healthier. I knew that in order to do that I needed to cook more. And not just foods slathered in butter and all that goodness but whole food’s. Clean and un-processed foods. During my journey I have been playing with vegetarian dishes more too! I’m not vegan or a vegetarian, I enjoy a piece of chicken, but I really love being able to make wonderful foods that come from the earth without tons of other ingredients hijacking the flavors or nutrients. Eating clean has become a love of mine. When my best friend and I decided to get together I was wondering what we should do. Then it hit me! Lets have a small Friendsgiving with the two of us drink mimosa’s and cook some wonderful seasonal whole foods. We got all of our recipes from a cookbook called The Forest Feast.  Every recipe is so straight forward and easy! Sometimes a day with good friends, mimosas and cooking is all a girl needs.

Friendsgiving 2015 (3 of 11)Friendsgiving 2015 (4 of 11)Friendsgiving 2015 (2 of 11)Friendsgiving 2015 (7 of 11)Friendsgiving 2015 (9 of 11)

Sadie. The new studio manager.

I have been asking Adam for a puppy for I don’t now how long… Months? I’ll go with years. Yes, years.  The last ten years our little family consisted of me, Adam and a little bunny named Mogwai. Mogwai was our little buddy and after losing our little man about 6 months ago we decided that the time was right to adopt a new furry child. After reading about breeds of dogs we decided that Golden Retrievers would be the best fit for our lifestyle. We love the outdoors and I’m an avid runner so we wanted a dog that would keep up with us, whether it was on walks, running, camping or what ever our days consisted of. We also knew that our dog needed to be great with people as we meet so many wonderful people throughout the year and hold meetings from our residential studio.

Alas, one Sunday afternoon we came across a litter that was in our neighborhood and ready for new homes. We went to check out the pups and mom and I just had to have Sadie. Of course she was the dirtiest one….and the only one that seemed to smell…lol. But she was also the calmest of all of pups. While all the others were hulking out, she just wanted to lay back and cuddle. We brought her home a little over a week ago, bathed her and fell in love. She fits in wonderfully and is such a great addition to our family.



I can’t wait for all of our adventures together.

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