My fitness lifestyle.

Over the course of the last two years I have really started to pay attention to my health. A few years ago I got really sick. Like, super sick! I had no idea what was wrong with me I just knew that I was in imminence pain in my tummy every time I would eat and had to undergo lots of tests at the doctors. Ultimately they couldn’t really give me an idea of what was wrong. They couldn’t find any ulcers but did see that my digestive system was not working properly and I contained way too much acid in my stomach. They put me on anti acids that I had to take for a while and over some time the problem slowed and would come back once in a while to finally, so far, completely gone. After I got better I knew I wanted to focus on my health.  So I began my journey into fitness. I started with running along the hills near my house. I fell in love with running.I love everything about it and ran every day until I got planters fasciitis from not stretching enough.  I had to take a break from running but I wanted to continue to get in shape and focus on my health. During a two month period from my break from running I started to do PiYo. It’s a workout routine from beach body that incorporates both Pilates and Yoga. I went from not being able to do one push-up to being able to do 60! I can do 80 on a good day =) I lost an additional 7lbs and a bunch of inches around my body AND all the stretching I did helped foot heal my injury. I wanted to get back to running but every time I ran the hills my calves would tighten and my feet would start to hurt again so I joined the gym near my house. I ran the treadmill with no difficulties. Remembering all the progress I made during PiYo, I really wanted to continue to get stronger. So as intimidating as it was I worked up the courage to walk into the weight lifting area of the gym. I had no idea where to start. I went home and did tons of research on routines. Last year I started to buckle down on my eating as well.  I found my new love. I work out every morning/afternoon (normally after my emails) 6 days a week. In fact, we decided to build a home gym! I now have my very own power rack, punching bag, TRX, Slam ball, battle ropes an various dumbbells. It’s turned into a lifestyle I love.  I edit to fitness and health podcasts and pay attention to Macros. With my new lifestyle I have lost 25lbs and am stronger than ever (3 of 6)1yoga (4 of 6)1yoga (1 of 6)1yoga (6 of 6)1