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There is a lot to be had when you spend the day off of work and off of social media. I decided to partake in the International Women’s Day by avoiding work, shopping and social media. So I filled my day with a 4 mile cross country run in the morning with my dog. Baked cupcakes to give away. Cleaned out and re-organized my fridge. (there was no where to put the cup cakes, it was a must!) Cleaned my kitchen and the floors. Cleaned my window seals watched Moana and helped Adam catch a hurt Robin bird in my back yard which resulted in both the bird screaming and then me screaming. There were no causalities (I’m talking about myself here) and the bird is in safe hands at the the Lindsay Wildlife Hospital where he can get fixed up and hopefully set free again. Let me tell you, that drive to the hospital was very nerve racking! All I could imagine was this wild bird getting out of the box it was in and hopping around my car while I’m screaming and driving on the freeway. The drive home was less stressful.

Below you can see images of my cupcakes! They are a butter sponge cake with a lemon curd filling. Raspberry cream cheese frosting and sugar flowers I molded myself!


San Francisco food photographer

I’ve been teaching myself how to paint lately. Spending about 30-45 minutes a night or every other night practicing with both watercolor paints and acrylics. So far I’m better with watercolor but really want to learn how to do the one stroke rose as well as other flowers with acrylic. Flowers inspire me. I see them and I fall in love. I need to paint them. I need to paint them on my baked goods and then I need to photograph them!  It’s an ultimate creative outlet for me.


This year for valentines day I decided to bake… A lot. If you can image that last sentence coming from Blue in the Jungle Book movie, that’s how it came out.  I did sugar cookies, home made truffles and baked donuts. They were so fun to do and so pretty to take photos of after! I look forward to my next baking adventure! I hope you get to spend your valentines day doing whatever your heart desires! I think Adam mentioned going to see John Wick and something about Donuts.., 😉 Happy love day.sadie2016_0789painted sugar cookies_0003painted sugar cookies_0010painted sugar cookies_0006

Painted French Macarons_0001Oh French Macarons, where do I start with you? Maybe in the kitchen with a paintbrush and some coffee! I have been on a mission to perfect my macaronage (the term used when talking about the mixing of the french macaron batter) Instead of mixing it, like how you would think to do for cake batter and other cookies, it’s more of a scoop under and around. Being my third time making them I wanted to infuse the batter and filling with a coffee flavor. I dyed them black and painted the outside with my Americolor food gel. To get the colors to show you need to mix white food get in with the colors and then use vodka or a clear extract as a solvent. Kinda like you would use water with water color. I had many people ask me how I painted the flowers. I did a super super easy flower that anyone can do. Literally just draw c curves in a circle and have a few in the middle go in different directions. Use two colors and white on the top . It’s really easy and the same technique can be used painting on dried royal icing on sugar cookies! (I’ll have those in the next post)! Painted French Macarons_0002Painted French Macarons_0003Painted French Macarons_0004