It’s valentines day!

I’ve been teaching myself how to paint lately. Spending about 30-45 minutes a night or every other night practicing with both watercolor paints and acrylics. So far I’m better with watercolor but really want to learn how to do the one stroke rose as well as other flowers with acrylic. Flowers inspire me. I see them and I fall in love. I need to paint them. I need to paint them on my baked goods and then I need to photograph them!  It’s an ultimate creative outlet for me.


This year for valentines day I decided to bake… A lot. If you can image that last sentence coming from Blue in the Jungle Book movie, that’s how it came out.  I did sugar cookies, home made truffles and baked donuts. They were so fun to do and so pretty to take photos of after! I look forward to my next baking adventure! I hope you get to spend your valentines day doing whatever your heart desires! I think Adam mentioned going to see John Wick and something about Donuts.., 😉 Happy love day.sadie2016_0789painted sugar cookies_0003painted sugar cookies_0010painted sugar cookies_0006