Rengstorff House Shoreline Wedding | Shelby and Adam


Last September Adam and I arrived at this beautiful Victorian house at Shoreline to share the day and capture the wedding of one of my all time favorite couples in this entire world! I met Shelby at her brothers wedding the previous year, and when we all met for coffee to go over the details of her own wedding, I knew we were all a match made in heaven.  They had a beautiful afternoon garden wedding. Everything was perfect, from the pretty bright colors to the gorgeous hats that the guest wore to  incorporate themselves with the style of the afternoon wedding.  I was honored to be able to share this special day with the two of them. This is one pretty Rengstorff House Shoreline wedding.

It’s so nice when couples exchange gifts with each other the morning of their wedding and the gifts are things they are able to incorporate into their wedding.

I will never ever ever forget Adam’s speech…. Love, is cheese….that was awesome. At the end of the afternoon Shelby and Adam said their fair wells to their family and friends and road away on their favorite bikes.


To see more of Shelby and Adam’s love story, check out their engagement here!

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  • Shelby Khan - Most of the time when you look at a photo blog of a wedding you start taking notes about what you do and don’t like. You can’t help it, even if you are already married! The experience is completely different when you are looking at the photo blog of your own wedding.
    While you are looking at every detail possible, it isn’t to critique it, it is to love it. You look at the blog and see your love story expertly laid before you through the eyes of everyone else. It is through these photos that you feel the same nervous, excited, joyful and loved mix of emotions that you felt on your wedding day.
    I cannot begin to explain the impact that Nicole and Adam had on this outcome. While anyone can take a photo, only they were able to capture the emotion, detail and significance of each moment.
    Thank you again Nicole and Adam, you bring us joy every time we look at one of your photos!ReplyCancel