Sunny warm Sundays are the best kind of days.


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Adam and I have been playing with a new toy and incorporating new hobbies into our free time. I love video. I get inspired and I see things in my head I want to make all the time. So I decided to learn! With that decision I used every ounce of charm I own and talked Adam into buying a Phantom 3. It really was’t that hard,  he already flys the smaller ones and is building another one so why not have one that can take beautiful stills and video from the sky?  I have’t flown it yet. I’m trying to learn on the smaller but harder one to fly that isn’t as expensive to brake first =) This past Sunday was warm and sunny, something I needed in my life. We decided to skip the super bowl. ARK, I said it. Yes… No super bowl for us. We are the wired ones that do not have cable or watch sports that much. We are the more of a go outside or be on our computers type. But if it’s any consultation, I did see a clip from the internet of Gaga singing the national anthem since that was all the rage. Practice makes perfect so we have been taking our phantom on our outings and creating little short vids. The main majority of this is to get used to flying it and learn the editing software more on Adobe Premiere. Speaking of which, I have an 18 hour at home class I’m taking that teaches me the  workings of Premiere. Getting through it has been difficult because of the teacher.. His jokes…. omg…cringe worthy. But I am learning new things so that’s great!