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A valentines love note from your San Francisco Photographer

This is our 16th Valentine’s together! In 4 short years, we will have been together for 20 years. That makes me sound old! He’s my HS sweetheart so that will take a little off my age. Regardless, I am embracing and taking in every moment and every year I get to spend with this man. Over the last 16 years we have grown so much from who we were when we met. Not just grown as individuals but WITH each other.

I could have posted a perfect photo of us, but I love this photo. It tells more of who we are. We are not perfect. We are mixed with failures, triumphs and humor. We are adventurous and lazy. We are foodies who enjoy fitness. But most of all, we are WE. Together we have built a home, a family and careers.

I never know what tomorrow will bring. In the past, we have had tomorrow’s that brought heartache, stress and worries. We have had tomorrow’s that have brought laughter, excitement and accomplishment. What I do know, is that we get to spend our tomorrows together. From taking unsuccessful selfies to traveling the world. From booking work to worrying about if we will have enough work to pay our bills. Every road, every up and down, we get to spend it together.

Thank you to our family and friends who have supported us and our love the last 16 years. We have grown into better humans because of each other and we have grown into better humans because of you.

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A valentines love note from your San Francisco Photographer


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It’s valentines day!

I’ve been teaching myself how to paint lately. Spending about 30-45 minutes a night or every other night practicing with both watercolor paints and acrylics. So far I’m better with watercolor but really want to learn how to do the one stroke rose as well as other flowers with acrylic. Flowers inspire me. I see them and I fall in love. I need to paint them. I need to paint them on my baked goods and then I need to photograph them!  It’s an ultimate creative outlet for me.


This year for valentines day I decided to bake… A lot. If you can image that last sentence coming from Blue in the Jungle Book movie, that’s how it came out.  I did sugar cookies, home made truffles and baked donuts. They were so fun to do and so pretty to take photos of after! I look forward to my next baking adventure! I hope you get to spend your valentines day doing whatever your heart desires! I think Adam mentioned going to see John Wick and something about Donuts.., 😉 Happy love day.sadie2016_0789painted sugar cookies_0003painted sugar cookies_0010painted sugar cookies_0006

Santa Cruz County Wedding | Bargetto Winery | Emily and Kegan

Emily is so sweet and more then excited to get to see the photos from her wedding! I only met with Emily once before her wedding and that was during our meeting as I like to have with all of my clients. I was shooting another wedding and at the end of the night on my way home she came up to me and said hey! your my photographer! When I’m working I concentrate on paying attention to everything that’s going on during the wedding.Facial expressions, decorations, shadows and hot spots, the settings on my camera, what lens I should be using and anything that I need to be ready for at the spear of the moment. My mind is everywhere. I hadn’t even noticed she was there! Her mother is the owner of Simply Catered and she was helping her mom at one of the weddings I happened to be photographing. Fast forward a few months. Emily is at her own wedding, putting on her gown and marrying the man she loves.

Venue - Bargetto Winery

Floral Design- Pink Petals Florist 

Officiant- Debora Enis- from Magical Ceremonies

Desserts & Cake- The Buttery Bakery

DJ/Band- Nick Handley with Live Music/Band in Santa Cruz

Dress- Oleg Cassini

Bridesmaid Dresses- Alfred Angelo

Caterer- Simply Catered

Jeweler- Baron’s Jelewers

Hair Stylist- Rumours Salon & Spa



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San Francisco Wedding | The Janet Pomeroy Center | Rocco and Naomi

If you do one thing for me, one thing at all, listen to the cover song Nothing Else Matters by Apocalyptica while you look at Naomi and Rocco’s wedding photos. This was the song they danced to during their first dance. What a beautiful dance at that.  As they waltzed away, I knew I had to put this with the blog I was going to make for them.

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