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San Mateo County History Museum Wedding | S + B

When I walked into the room where my beautiful bride was getting ready it was sheer peace. She had no worries, no stress. She was just filled with a since of calmness and love. Surrounded by her cousins and beautiful scenery awaiting the moment her and her love will say I do. Not only is this couple filled with elegance and class but with passion and sincerity that astounds me.  I adore them. I feel so honored to be a part of their day and to have been able to capture such beautiful moments with them. They had a beautiful San Mateo County History Museum Wedding!








Hotel- The Four Seasons/ Palo Alto Ca

Venue- The San Mateo County History Museum 

Coordinator- Jessica Goldblatt.  Dreams on a Dime Events & Weddings

Caterer- Debbie DeOliviera. Crystal Springs Catering

Cake- Mazzettis Bakery

Party Rentals- Am Party Rentals 

Car Rental- The Great Highway – Home of Gary Pollack Classic cars. Rozalyn Mendence . 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible




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Berkeley City Club Wedding | Alex and Kelly

This wedding was beautiful and fun from the gold, purple, live Cuban band and an amazing couple getting married at the Berkeley City Club.

I can’t describe the joy I get as being a wedding photographer. Not only do I absolutey LOVE stylizing and taking pictures of really pretty things I love the fact that these pictures really mean something to someone. And when I get an email from my clients just validating that. It makes my heart flutter. I just had to share

“Nicole, These pictures are outstanding!  Seriously, you and Adam are SO talented, and you got SO many fantastic shots.  I’m so thankful you guys were there to document all the amazing moments throughout the day.  It was definitely the happiest day of my life, and now I’ll have these beautiful shots as a reminder of it to pass down to our kids and grand kids one day. So thankful for you!”


Nicole Blumberg Photography_0107

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0016

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0017

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0025

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0018

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0014

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0013

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0024

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0015

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0019

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0021

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0020

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0026

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0027

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0028

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0029

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0030

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0031

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0032

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0033

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0034

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0035

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0036

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0037

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0038

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0039

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0040

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0041

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0042

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0043

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0044

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0045

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0046

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0047

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0048

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0049

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0050

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0051

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0052

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0053

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0054

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0055

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0056

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0059

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0057

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0058

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0060

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0061

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0062

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0063

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0064

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0065

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0068

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0069

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0070

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0071

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0072

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0073

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0074

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0076

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0007

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0008

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0009

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0010

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0011

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0012

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0077

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0078

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0079

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0080

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0081

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0082

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0083

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0084

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0086

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0088

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0087

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0085

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0090

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0089

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0091

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0092

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0093

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0094

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0095

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0096

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0097

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0098

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0099

Surprise Flash mob!!!! Nicole Blumberg Photography_0100

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0101

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0102

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0103

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0104

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San Francisco | Grace Cathedral Wedding | Andrea And Patrick


Andrea and Patrick had a beautiful day full of lots of love and TONS of fun. They know how to throw a party for sure! We started off with our prep at the Renaissance Stanford Court Hotel on California Street. The ceremony was held at Grace Cathedral; one of the largest and most beautiful landmarks in the city. It really was an honor to be a part of their day. Congratulations Andrea and Patrick!These next three photos need a little back story. If you’re not familiar with S.F. we have cable cars that travel around the city for transportation. Andrea and Patrick are all about fun and wanted to hit up a cable car for some photos. We decided to stop a massively packed cable car in the middle of the city streets to get some photos. Leave it to us to just step in and say, “We’re taking over…”. Hey, I’m Nicole Blumberg and I get what my couples want. After the car stops Andrea and Patrick jump on the car for some cute shots. Granted there’s tons of people (and tourists who I don’t even know if they speak English that were kicked off the car for us) but in the midst of the city on short notice we can’t do “staged”. I love how this picture is just so … S.F. These are two proud papas. This is a perfect photo as two families celebrate the joining into one. A little game for Patrick, blindfolded he had to pick Andrea’s hand out of a line of outstretched arms.
And he picked her mom!! Close but no cigar! I love their cake cutting faces. Patrick looks like he’s on the front lines, storming the cake! Great expressions. LOVE IT!

And a few from the Nicole Blumberg Photobooth =) Such a fun wedding! 
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Burlingame Wedding | Sara and Patrick



This Burlingame wedding was a glamorous affair. Style, class and an amazing view. Sara and Patrick wed at the Burlingame Wedgewood  Crystal Springs Golf Course. When I first met them at our breakfast meeting, I knew I loved them. From their love for the same outdoor activities as us and their cool laid back love for each other, I knew we were a match made in heaven.  What are you waiting for?!! Look at their love story!!!

I also had to share their amazing video coverage  from the talent Fotomokio.
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Santa Cruz County Wedding | Bargetto Winery | Emily and Kegan

Emily is so sweet and more then excited to get to see the photos from her wedding! I only met with Emily once before her wedding and that was during our meeting as I like to have with all of my clients. I was shooting another wedding and at the end of the night on my way home she came up to me and said hey! your my photographer! When I’m working I concentrate on paying attention to everything that’s going on during the wedding.Facial expressions, decorations, shadows and hot spots, the settings on my camera, what lens I should be using and anything that I need to be ready for at the spear of the moment. My mind is everywhere. I hadn’t even noticed she was there! Her mother is the owner of Simply Catered and she was helping her mom at one of the weddings I happened to be photographing. Fast forward a few months. Emily is at her own wedding, putting on her gown and marrying the man she loves.

Venue - Bargetto Winery

Floral Design- Pink Petals Florist 

Officiant- Debora Enis- from Magical Ceremonies

Desserts & Cake- The Buttery Bakery

DJ/Band- Nick Handley with Live Music/Band in Santa Cruz

Dress- Oleg Cassini

Bridesmaid Dresses- Alfred Angelo

Caterer- Simply Catered

Jeweler- Baron’s Jelewers

Hair Stylist- Rumours Salon & Spa



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