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San Jose The Ranch House Wedding | Mandy and Brook

The drive to Mandy and Brooks location at the Ranch House in Joseph D. Grant Park, San Jose, was one of the most challenging drives I have encountered as a wedding photographer. Worth every second of it I must add.  Mandy is the owner of The Test of time weddings specializing in designing the perfect weddings for couples. She designed  her own wedding and it was absolutely fabulous! When I arrived I about had a heart attack seeing all the gorgeous details I was about to be able to photograph. I LOVE details, especially vintage details.  I also love Mandy and Brook!  They are a fun couple who had the most heartfelt wedding possible.  Adam and I were extremely lucky and happy to capture it.

Brook made all of the paper boutonnières by hand. 

As soon as Mandy and Brook saw each other they went from crying to laughing and all over again. The ceremony was full of beautiful emotions that made my heart melt

Ok, so I have this thing for chandeliers. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. I seriously want one in every room of my house. One day…One day…

When I saw the old crate filled with peaches I about died. It was super cute.

I think these two photos are my favorites. 

Event Designer – Mandy Butler, The Test Of Time Weddings

Venue – Ranch House at Joseph D. Grant Park

Officiant – Jeff Maynard

Desserts & Cake – Margaret’s French Bakery

DJ/Band – James Stillian

Tux – H&M

Cinematography – Brian Preston

Jeweler – Kays, 1930s vintage

Fashion Accessories – Etsy

Makeup Artist – Christina Butler

Hair Stylist – Christina Butler

Furniture – Mandy Butler, The Test Of Time Wedding Rentals & Exquisite Events Party Rentals

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  • ajira - oh! What a delightful wedding! Love that it was outdoors… love the whole mood of it really. So much love!! 😀ReplyCancel

  • Julie - It was a gorgeous, joyful wedding and I’m so glad I was able to attend!ReplyCancel

Benicia Jefferson Street Mansion Wedding | Samantha and Brad

Samantha and Brad had a gorgeous wedding at the Jefferson Street Mansion in Benicia. During the preps Samantha kept saying “I’m getting married” !!! It’s such a surreal feeling so I know exactly what she meant. But not only was she getting married she was getting married to Brad, this guy who adores her soooo incredibly much. When I first met the two of them it was of course during our first meeting but when I really got to know them it was on their E-session. These two are so comfortable with each other, and just so in love. I remember going to Samantha’s final meeting at her venue and she told me how she felt like I was more like a friend to her. I was getting invited into her life to share these really special events with her and her family, to be a part of it and to document it through my eyes. It felt really special to me. And I was more than honored to have been the photographer to do it.

The chandeliers in this place are just gorge!!! ugghhh Love!! OK how great is her dress? Samantha had a great flower theme going on.The shoes! Love the White|Black store. The guys were all wearing comic book superhero shirts under their suits. Right on guys! I’m sure Adam had a ball. Brad wrote this super sweet card to Samantha before the wedding.It made her cry, and smile all at the same time. They got to go to a Giants game the next day =)Work it girl!!! This is what I’m talking about! I love it.This Photo cracks me up. ♥ it

To see more of Samantha and Brad, check out their engagement session

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Hair Pieces, Fashion and Fabulous finds

I ran across Twigs & honey while reading a blog by Elizabeth Messina. She is a wonderful photographer who got the privilege of photographing one of my absolute favorite fine art photographers Jose Villa. He is someone I look up to and respect madly in the photography world. He recently published a book that talks about his techniques. I just had to have it! The way I see it is, your not born an artist but born with the talent. It’s something that you need to practice day in and day out, never ceasing to learn new techniques or try new things. The best way to learn something to the T is to try and fail. Wouldn’t it be great to just learn every time we do something right?  But we learn more every time we do something wrong.  That must be why I’m so smart from my teenage years!!! Sorry mom, I love you! I know your reading this. She’s probably thinking “Oh my Lord, ain’t the the truth”!?!

Back to Twigs and Honey!! The designer makes the prettiest hair pieces for your wedding day! Talk about a gorgeous way of adding flare and style to your hair! The pictures would just be amazing and so classy! I just had to share this website with everyone!

It’s no secret that I LOVE fashion! Floral dresses, High heeled pumps, sparkled vintage tops, colorful and big accessories. I cant help it, I’m drawn to the beauty of clothes. I love when my brides love fashion just as much as me! When I’m on a shoot and my bride shows up wearing an adorable outfit it gives me butterflies! Seriously! Photographing a beautiful couple in beautiful clothes and a gorgeous location! OMG whats better then that??  To me fashion is a piece of art! So when I came across polyvore, I was in my own little heaven! My poor husband really needs to hide my credit card when I’m browsing fashion on line. He sure has his hands full with me and my shoe collection. But he loves it, don’t let him try to fool you! =) I put together some of my favorite board sets to share with all my fashion loving girls (and guys). . LOVE!  It’s also a great guideline of stuff to wear to one of my photoshoots ♥




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Santa Cruz Wilder Ranch Engagement | Janice and Richard

Janice and Richard have been planing their wedding from miles apart. Across the country from each other to be exact. Now that takes dedication! Richard had a few days to come to the west coast so we took the opportunity to do their engagement session. They picked the Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz which was absolutely adorable! A cute little farm with goats that I got to pet! The littlest things excite me =)

This wall was amazing. I loved the texture to it This is one of my faves of the whole bunchLove it!!

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  • Taylor - Awesome collection of shots!!! I love the locations, especially the tree looking fort with all the branches! Are those shots all with natural light? Or are you using an off camera flash! They rock!ReplyCancel

    • Nicole Blumberg - Thanks Taylor! We use a mix of natural light and off camera flash on our shoots and this one was with an off camera flash to the right =)ReplyCancel

Oakland Sail Boat House Wedding | Devon and Jack

I absolutely love Devon and Jack. The first time we met each other was at a Starbucks on Lakeshore in Oakland.  As soon as I met them, I knew that I instantly liked them. Jack from Ohio and Devon from California both have very laid back personalities and are super easy to get along with.  The meeting was going great, the coffee was good, we were laughing ,talking and then…. dun dun dun. I open my print sample album and spill coffee all over the person sitting next to me.  I was mortified and trying to figure out how on earth to get this persons attention who was so engaged in his cell phone conversion to tell him I just spilled my delicious white chocolate mocha all over his expensive looking jacket.  I look over at Devon and she assures me that its ok and he will never know and not to tell him. Taking a deep breath in I pull away from telling him and opt to just try and wipe it up with a paper cloth. Don’t judge me! But as you can see they still hired me!! Even though I spill coffee on people =)


They held a beautiful small ceremony with their close family and friends to watch them as they married and later had one heck of a reception.  I loved being able to watch Jack and Devon together. They love each other so much and thats all you can notice when you are with them. The way they look at each other is adorable. You guys are so cute and I’m so happy to have been able to share this day with you! Thank you for having Adam and I be your photographers.

This is the part they couldn’t wait for. I love this photo. Jack was so full of emotion and so incredibly happy. He just got to marry the love of his life and I think it just hit him. All of their family and friends had the same sweet personalities of Jack and Devon. Everyone was so kind,I loved this group of people!

Isn’t her sleeve just fabulous? I love it.They made the beer themselves as party favors for everyone! It was really yummy, good job guys ! Adam and I got to take two home =)

The Super friend cape! That was awesome.

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