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Mey and Sonny | V.Sattui Winery Engagement | Napa California


This is a special blog post for me. More than a special blog, a special couple and clients. Mey is a very close friend to the couple of the very FIRST wedding I EVER did, and the wedding that has brought me to where I am today. She was there the day Jermelyn and Jeff married in city hall and to Jeff and Jermelyn I am forever grateful for the opportunity you guys gave me, for believing in me and allowing me, someone you never met to be a part of your day.

Now Mey is planning her wedding and wanted me to be her photographer. I was beyond honored. She wanted to have an V.Sattui Winery Engagement session in Napa. It’s a special place for them as well. It’s where Mey and sonny officially became boyfriend and girlfriend and one of their favorite places to have a nice day out and enjoy that yummy Moscato wine of theirs! Thank you Mey for turning me on to that! seriously tastes like apple juice!


Nicole Blumberg Photography_0506

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0507

Nicole Blumberg Photography_0541

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