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San Francisco City Hall Wedding | San Francisco City Wedding Photographer

 Depending on how you are scheduling your ceremony at San Francisco City Hall and how many hours you book your photographer for, will determine when you should arrive and take couples portraits. This couple hired me for 2 hours. Since we knew they were having a pretty good amount of guests for their ceremony and were planning on spending time with them but didn’t need event coverage after, we decided it was a good idea to start their portraits an hour before the ceremony and spend the remaining hour capturing them interacting with their family, having their ceremony,  taking family formals and few images outside of city hall. All of which fills  up the last hour really fast.

Once in a while, I will do a 2-hour session with couples who want images at a second location and will not have any guests attending. To time the locations right, you need to take in a few factors. What time is your ceremony? Will city hall be less busy before or after your ceremony and what time is the sun setting? If your ceremony is in the morning I highly suggest getting to city hall right when they open and utilizing the hall for portraits before other couples and tourists show up. If your ceremony is already in the afternoon and we will be doing outdoor images say near the beach we will want to make sure we can wait as long as possible before going to the beach for the best light. In that case, I would say we meet at ceremony time, do city hall images then head over to the beach.

To get those grand staircase shots and utilize city hall without many people in the hall, we need to be there on off hours. That means we meet before city hall opens and start shooting as soon as they open. Or we shoot a few hours after the ceremonies by their judges have ceased.  Your next question!  “What If I have my ceremony is set for 2:30 pm and we want to do couples portraits at 8 am to have fewer people in the hall? We can! I have incorporated a small fee per hour that I charge while I am idle to make it possible to do just this!

If you are interested reach out and I’d love to chat about it and your San Francisco City Hall Wedding!

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  • Kira - Very pretty city hall portraits. I love the ones in front of the window and exiting the building. You did a great job capturing their wedding!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - These are the most amazing wedding portraits I have ever seen taken at San Francisco city hall! Gosh Im swooning over them ReplyCancel

  • Alicia Yarrish - I had no idea a city hall could be this gorgeous! Such great tips on timing and coverage!ReplyCancel

  • Teresa - OMG I love your tones so much! Everything looks so bright and elegant, and the couple is gorgeous! Great city hall wedding!ReplyCancel

  • Hilary - Talk about a spectacular location! Such a well done session! And I liked the little info into your sessions at the first ReplyCancel

  • Kalpna Kapoor - It is such a majestic location, love the soft tones in the images. Couple is gorgeous, they look good togehter and that dog is adorable. ‘ReplyCancel

  • Georgia - This wedding in San Fran looks right outnofna fairy tale! You did a great job with their day!!! Love the pup in the shots ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Hirsch - WOW what a beautiful couple! And that building is stunning. Love how they wrote their own timeline! Gorgeous set of photosReplyCancel

  • Amanda curry - Theses are to DIE FOR!!!! I want to know more how do I contact you! ReplyCancel

Palace Of Fine Arts Engagement | Lovers Lane Engagement | Bakers Beach Engagement | San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photography

This engagement is a mix of classy and fun all rolled up together. We started at The Palace Of Fine Arts, then on to Lovers Lane and finally ended up at Bakers Beach to watch the sunset. I shoot quite often at The Palace and Bakers Beach as request from my couples. You would think I could do it blind folded but in all reality the images and the beauty of both places never ceases to amaze me. The balloons were the perfect touch to bring in a bit of fun . You guys rocked it!

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Bridges Golf Club Wedding | San Ramon | Diana and Juan

From the details to the ceremony to the amazing and oh so crazy reception this wedding rocked! Juan and Diana got married at the St. Isidore Church in Danville then held their reception at the Bridges golf club in San Ramon. This was the perfect wedding to kick our season into high gear. Congrats Juan and Diana!  You had such a beautiful day!


These girls are awesome!
I ADORE this photo. It was sunset and we had minutes to get our sunset shots. So Juan picked Diana up and started running up the hill to catch the sun before it went down. Just in case you were wondering we made it , without falling =)

And I’m kinda obsessed with this next photo. Just a little bit. Okay! A lot!

So if you were wondering, Hector, their amazing D.J. had a little challenge for Juan. While blindfolded Juan had to feel various legs and pick which one was Diana’s. I’m not so sure he was in for the surprise! Party rockin in the house tonight… 

Floral- katharina stuart
Cake- Shannie Cakes
DJ- Hector Duron with Amos Productions
Videography- Ricky Gutteridge with Amos Productions
Bridesmaids dresses- Alfred Angelo
Invitations- wedding paper divas
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  • Ana Lila - I love everything about this! Purple & teal are my theme colors! =o)ReplyCancel

San Francisco Wedding | The Janet Pomeroy Center | Rocco and Naomi

If you do one thing for me, one thing at all, listen to the cover song Nothing Else Matters by Apocalyptica while you look at Naomi and Rocco’s wedding photos. This was the song they danced to during their first dance. What a beautiful dance at that.  As they waltzed away, I knew I had to put this with the blog I was going to make for them.

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