Wedding day Preps


Considering that your mind is way full with everything going on, I’m here to remind you and give you some helpful tips to help the preps go smoothly. 

Preparation is one of our favorite parts of the day.  Also, there’s the distinct atmosphere of anticipation that’s unmatched during the wedding day. The guys usually drown it with a little liquor and jokes; while the girls giggle, cry, and experience a full range of emotions of everything in between. The time we get for prep photos is rarely ever enough.  To make sure that we get everything we need as far as photography, regardless of the alotted time, there are a few things that you can do help make things more efficient.


Arrange for us to arrive while you are still getting your hair and makeup done.  We love preps and everything about them, this includes hair and makeup. We love being able to take artistic and magazine style photos of your hair and makeup. No wedding day photography is complete without these photos. Not only does it give us more time for preps and cool shots, but your hair and makeup stylists love to get photos of their work  for their portfolios as well.


Have the details ready: I would love to be able to get shots of your gown, shoes, veil , garter, flowers (bridesmaids flowers as well), all of your jewelry, perfume and anything else of significance before you put it on. If you can have all those items in one spot so I can stylized them when I show up that would be great. This goes for the grooms too. Please have the tux, shoes, tie, cuff links, cologne and all accessories in one spot for Adam so he can stylize the details. If all the guys have coordinating ties please have those ties ready to be photographed as well. 

If the guys are already dressed when Adam shows up, be prepared to get undone and do it over again. This means he needs to get shots of the shoes off the feet. Shirts being put on and ties being re-tied. Men dress fast. So take a little more time at getting ready so he can get some good shots. If there is enough time, if you even want to wait to shave and do all that manly stuff men do he can get some cool photos of that too.

Bring a cool hanger or at least a nice wooden one for the dresses. Plastic hangers cheapen the photos and inst a great way to highlight your beautiful gown.

Have a Clean Room: Please keep the room you are getting ready in as neat as possible for the pictures. Any mess should be picked up off the floor / bed and all bags out of the way for the pictures. “If it’s in the room it’s in the photo,” so if you want pictures free of breakfast wrappers, clothes, and other distracting items, it’s best to stash it all in a closet or behind a bed.  It’s best to assign someone, like a bridesmaid and groomsmen to be in charge of keeping the room clean because you’ll have enough on your mind.
Right before you get dressed I will look at the room and see where the best light is and suggest for you get dressed there, then I will stand back let you all do your thing and capture everything! =)
Invitations are another detail of your wedding that you probably spent lots of time on and deserved to be photographed. Bringing a sample of the stationary in your wedding with some sort of detail that highlights the theme of your wedding is a great way to get pretty photos of the invitations that also bring the feel of your wedding together in photos. The detail could be anything from a key, flower(s), stamps, string,… anything that would represent the theme of your wedding. 
If possible, have both the bride and groom’s rings at the bride’s prep location. If there are any boxes with brand names for the rings please bring those as well. 
If you have gifts for your bridesmaids/groomsmen or for each other please let us know so we can make sure to get photos of those and/or of you guys exchanging them. 

I think that’s it for the preps!!! Looking forward to your day! I cant wait!