Wilder Quarry House Wedding | San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photography

The Quarry House in Wilder Orinda is a club house based in the middle of the hills with a construction site of half and soon to be built homes surrounding it. When I met with my couple they had mentioned it’s not the typical or traditional type of venue and they were in fact almost test subjects for the venue to see how a wedding would roll out there. Because of the construction my bride was a little worried about portrait time and where we would shoot. It’s my job as a photographer to make any location I arrive at look amazing. Construction or not the light, love,tears and joy we had that day made anything and everything else fade away. I was able to shoot shallow and narrow to avoid most of the background and get only what I wanted and what my bride would want to see in her photos. I’m excited to share just a few teasers of her wedding. Her wedding was perfect!

Wilder Quarry House Wedding